Pickuplines.Tel A Collection Of Pickuplines

Created a collection of me and my friends + some others pickuplines that is optimized for mobile browsing, so they are easy to surf to when you are out in a bar.


Does pickuplines work?
Not at all if you rely on them, but they can be some fun when you are out in a bar.

If you have one you want to share, I could add it.

Hey baby, does this smell like chloroform?


Heres a catchy reply if a girl wants to take you to a dance

  • Do I look like Kevin Costner?
  • (probable answer) No… you do not
  • And I do not dance with wolves either

works every time

Nice tits! New?

Dunno, you better go “Nice boobies!”. That’s cuter. :)

I doubt she’ll find anything cute about your opinion on her tits, to be honest. It works when you replace tits with eyes, but where’s the sport in that, eh?