Pilgrimage Usa 2004?

I was just curious, is anyone on this thread going to be attending Pilgrimage 2004? And anyone entering the music compo?

See you there. :)


urhm… to say it all I know nothing about Demoparties in the states! :unsure:
And now that I think about this… I was never reached by any evidence of the whole demoscene concept being exported outside of the old continent…
Do you fellow american Renoisers have demoparties too?? :o :lol:
That’s cool :yeah:

They have no electricity.

Hehe. Of course. :)

Actually, Legalize, one of the main organizers of Pilgrimage maintains a small list of demoparties which have taken place in the USA and Canada.

That particular list is available here:


Ahhh… excellent infos!
Thanks for the link Radman! …and of course, welcome aboard!

the only USA “scener” I know is Sir Garbagetruck.

Actually, I’ve never heard about him since BreakPoint 2004 demoparty.

Someone told me he is a demoscene fan who travelled from USA just to be at the BreakPoint party… :o

but looks like he does something in the scene too (according to his slengpung profile)

good to see that there is something more than this in the USA :)

Well… It’s true not too many sceners from the USA make it to European demoparties. This is mostly because it is prohibitively expensive to do so. I saved up for over 2 years in order to travel to Assembly 2004 last week. And it was well worth it, by the way. :) My hope is to attend Buenzli/Evoke next time around.

But many other people have gone to Breakpoint, Assembly and other parties. Such as Dan Wright/Fusecon, Phoenix/Hornet^DC5, and Pyromaniac/Beyond has hit up many many parties around the world.

I’m not sure what it says on Sir Truck’s passport, but from what I understand he actually lives in the UK right now.

yes, I’vet met him here at Buenzli, where I’m at the moment: he now lives in UK.

(Before looking at the pic)-> :mellow: :mellow: :mellow: (After looking at the pic)-> :blink: :panic: :wacko:

heh heh heh.