Pilici (Chickens) My New Techno Cartoon Video for Kids

Mi smo Pilići - Pilići smo Mi / We Are Chickens - Chickens Are We! (2015) My New Video for Kids:


Any comments are welcome :slight_smile:

Music created in Renoise, as usual. All animation done by me.

★★★ CREDITS ★★★

Ideja, Grafika, Animacija, Muzika i Zvucni efekti (Idea, Graphic, Animation, Music & Sound FX) by

Nikola Tomic (Nykk Deetronic)


http://www.youtube.com/djnykk or


Dodatna grafika, Dizajn Pilića (Additional Graphics & Chickens Design) by

Dragan Tomić (TurboYoyo)

Tehnicka podrska (Technical Support) by

Dunja Jovanović

Pevanje (Singing) by

Nikola Tomić (2011)

Originalna pesma / Original Song by Nykk Deetronic © 2011

Nice work! Music and video are well combined together. Melodies and vocals can be remembered realy fast what children need.