Pillowtalk ft. Adriana Vitale [8-bit chiptune/bitpop cover]

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Since I’ve now developed a bit of an appetite for doing Bitpop/Chiptune remakes, I’ve been looking for a few more songs that I’d like to cover. The criteria is that the song must’ve struck me in some way to enthuse me enough to have a crack at covering it.

Pillowtalk is one of those songs for me. It’s major chords, its melodic timing; made this song a choice interest. I struggled with it though. Trying to get Adriana’s vocals to blend with those 8-bit sounds was proving a challenge. Timing was tough too since slight timing variations have nowhere to hide behind a chiptune.

It’s a raunchy song so it was hard to be discreet with the anime and provide some deeper meaning.

I’m happy with the result. Adriana’s vocals are amazing.

This track has been created with only the sounds of the 35yo Commodore 64 MOS-6581 Sound Interface Device (SID) chip. Renoise was used to build this piece and give me as many C64’s as I needed and processing effects.

Enjoy and please reshare. It helps spread the name of the artists who contributed to this piece.

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Great cover. Really enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

Great cover. Really enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

Hey mate. Many thanks. I’ve been following you on Soundcloud for a couple of years because, well, I like your work; it means a lot to me that you enjoyed it!