Pilot7 - Ep1

my first little ep for you all. took me only 10 years… :blink: (well, in a way \ :D/ )

direct link


Very nice little EP ! Eject is my favorite. Now let’s not wait another 10 years for the next one. ok? :)

Hooo yeah…! Downloading…

“Stealth” is really something! I’m quite excited that you finished that one off. I just love the dark mood and the forever-changing layers and texture. It really does feel sleek and deadly. A fav for sure! :D

Congrats on finally getting something out there! Better late than nothing at all ;) The whole thing sounds very complete and finished.

Most of it isn’t really for me, the randomness isn’t something I find easy to get my way into. Some truly interesting stuff here and there to keep me going.

Yes, finally an ep! I was waiting for this!

Here is my somewhat full review of your new ep!

freeflight: I really like the percussion in this track. Nice sounds and the rhythms are strong and interesting. However, the melody sounds too random for my taste, there are very interesting parts but the childish feel and the randomness bores me too fast. Also, the weird noise you use sounds too weird for my taste (hard to believe isn’t it?) I don’t know, it just doesn’t fit there. Overall, the percussion tracks are awesome and you got some really nice parts in your song, but the melody ruins the experience to me.

eject: Nice piece of ambience, I really really like the textures you made in this song. Also, the length is not too long, not too short. Good format. There is little progression, but I like it the way it is, getting more and more intense. Only one bad comment: I dislike the fade out ending, but I understand that sometimes these songs are hard to finish… Very good.

stealth: Now that’s what I’m talking about, the super unpredictable percussion with some awesome textures a bit like in eject. The deep sounds really create a nice ambiance that goes well with the drums. There are a few random notes here and there, sometimes they make arrangements that I dislike, but it never stays too long. At 2min30 the drums were getting too repetitive, but right after you made a breakdown, bringing the attention on the textures and ambiances, great timing! by the way, nice hats at 5 minuteish. I like how you pause the song at 5m45s! Really cool! Wow 7min42s That’s a long song, and I love it. The song gets a bit repetitive but it’s all about the ambiance, very autechreish. I would gladly play that song when I’m chilling with friends around a table. I love it! and I love how the song ends… it nicely introduces the last track.

promnesia: Now we got some datachi, I really like this track, the stretch and randomized sounds goes so well with your deeper synth sound, the marriage is very interesting. Of course it sounds a lot like datach’i but who said he was the only one allowed to make this genre? you do it nicely and the stretch adds your unique touch. I love this song, it’s definitely the best way to end your album and it’s my favorite track.

Congrats on releasing your first ep and I’m waiting for more!

and of course, thanks for sharing your material!

really enjoyed this from start to finish!! right up my alley, im sending th link to the rest of my crew!!

In Promnesia… did I hear some vocal samples from Seinfeld? :)

hhaha can i get a timestamp on these supposed samples??

Just listen out for the “pah!” sound :)

Here’s a stupid little example, made from some sounds that I sampled from Seinfeld episodes:

There’s quite a lot of these little vocal sounds in the show. I was actually working on making a drumkit instrument full of them :)

Who knows where they are originally from… they are probably just cheesy default sounds from a 90’s workstation keyboard with horrible general midi patches, haha, but Seinfeld is the only place I’ve really heard those particular sounds used before.


thats pretty hilarious… maybe the same workstation with that godawful slap bass sound

thanks for the feedback, always nice to hear what people think. yeah next ep should come a bit faster ;]

dblue, i have no freakin idea what you on about ? :ph34r:

… really?

Promnesia :yeah:

shameless bump…

ok, actually i do feel a little ashamed… but… you know… i still did it. cuss i rawk.

dblue, yes, really. ^_^

Promnesia is a very, very nice piece of electronic music!

pilot7 should be thinking about doing a few concerts :guitar:

10 yrs man???

so it’s mad epic

I like the sleek plane graphic

who did your page?

i dig it’s simplistic charm

ok thanks for all the downloads, yay. final bump

direct link

wallininja: it’s a wordpress theme called ‘autofocus’ , you be google.

Please post this again! Please post a good link for this again! I get a 404. ;)

Thank you very much, pilot7. :D