Pimping #Line In Device

I would like to see additional options in the line-in Device:


Record to:

-> New Sample Slot

-> Overwrite current Sample

Record dry / wet:

- option for this

-> Automaticly mute track effects after recording wet

[] Arm Record

- option for this-> Always untick “Arm Record” after Recording ( by default {ON} )

[] Write/Replace Note-Entry in the Current Track/Song after Recording

Recognizing that ur recording a line-in device:

The “visual recording border” would blink when recording to notice you, that you just record into a sample


For the moment you cannot record your voice live while hitting your keys and record midi-entrys. This would be the solution.

This alone is the biggest reason to make LineIn device more versatile. Right now, it’s not possible to jam along renoise directly, and to do that with multiple line devices. I think this one is crucial for some of the next versions. It would be nice to automatically set note in pattern at position you are starting recording to the root one. In that way renoise could become a solid multitrack… with a multitude of other possibilities :)

Good thinking.

Yep, indeed! +1


It’s not a solution, it’s a hacky workaround. What you want is audio tracks. :P

I think this could be solved more elegantly.
The discussion of audio tracks has some great ideas, but I have the feeling that the devs are already on the road to get there.

In any case, when Renoise becomes a multi track recording studio also, the option to stream samples from disk will be needed I think.
I already have that bugging “out of memory” dialog box slapped to my face to often :)

Imagine that, Renoise becoming a multi-track recording studio for around 50 bucks lol :slight_smile: .

you mean this
[font=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][b]http://tinyurl.com/cp2wvc[/b]

Reaper is the exception to the expensive horizontal daw rule, though there are some legal limitations to the discounted version I think. Like you may not release records with it, correct me if I’m wrong.

Think it’s earning 20k from use of it.

Currently full price is well less than half of the other “professional” DAWs.

What about Macaw? Macaw v3.01 for Windows XP/2000/98 (Windows) or Rosegarden http://www.rosegardenmusic.com/ (Linux) for free? (Don’t know of one for Mac…)

Please not. There is nothing more i hate, then the “Unable to locate missing file, please point to the proper directory”.

Wouldn’t happen. Xrns would still be fully self-contained. Just you would have to set a (default) location for songs to be unpacked to when you open then, rather than everything be loaded into RAM. No worry of loosing audio files or it being harder to share songs.

Oh, thats neat.

Obviously that’s just my own view, not that of the Developers, but I doubt they would want to break the self-contained xrns structure Renoise has always followed just to introduce streaming from/to disk ;)

  • Line in device
  • Audio tracks