Ping Pong With Renoise Delay?

I’m sure it’s just something I’m missing, but how do you do a ‘back and forth’ ping pong delay with the Renoise delay? I’ve not installed the 2.8 beta yet - just shout out if it’s already in that ;)

Here’s what I mean. Sound plays, then instead of each ‘echo’ happening on each channel independently of each other, the echos should bounce back from one side to the other. For instance:

Currently with the Delay device, synced to lines (left channel 4 lines, right channel 8 lines)
‘O’ is original sound. ‘E’ is echo from the delay.

Beat: 1-------2-------3-------4-------   
Left: O---E---E---E---E---E---E---E---  
Right: O-------E-------E-------E-------  

What I am wanting is:

Beat: 1-------2-------3-------4-------   
Left: O---E-------E-------E-------E---  
Right: O-------E-------E-------E-------  

It was extremely easy to do with Mykrasound’s Stereo Echo VST (try and find it - it’s a fantastic freebie but long gone and hard to find). But the Mykrasound plugin is a little buggy and occasionally kills my system when using it, so I’d like to be able to do this with something else (preferably native in Renoise) as quickly and easily as it was with Mykrasound.

2.7.2 you couldn’t without a fair bit of work. Always thought it strange where the L/R output pans fed into (I expected them to make it possible to Ping-Pong but unfortunately not.)

There is a new Multi-Tap (Delay) which has a Ping-Pong setting though :)

Nice, thanks :) Might have to install the beta. I normally stay away from betas because I just don’t have the patience to keep installing updates… but this ping pong feature is right up my street at the moment ;)