Pitch Automation

Hey there,
I was wondering - Is there a way to automate the pitch of a sample like the volume etc. by drawing envelopes? I know the 01xx and 02xx can be used but it’s kind of a pain… I prefer the visual aspect. Cheers :)

EDIT: Wrong post.

Nope not through the envelopes, you’ll need 3rd party gadgets/vst.

Hm, wouldn’t this be a nice feature request and also result in a more consistent Renoise?

All pattern fx should be automatically also in automation view and vise-versa…


Does anyone have a reccomendation for VSTs that can achieve this? Preferably free…

Not that i know of regarding free ones.
But Kontakt could probably do it.

If you don’t mind that the solution is not time-critical (the tool won’t be able to run sample-exact) you could try this tool:

Cheers, just downloaded it. I’m gonna check it out now.