Pitch Bend Automation (Feature Request)

Is it possible to add Pitch Bend Automation to the next version of Renoise?
(With this feature you should be able to bend the pitch from the lowest to the highest possible note, not just from one note to another).

I feel it’s a missing core feature, it should be right there below Volume and Panning automation, but it’s not!
Now I have to do all kind of tricks by sending the correct command to the VSTI with the MIDI control device.
And I’m not quite getting the wanted result.

Pitch bend is implemented correctly according to the MIDI spec. That is to say that we cannot actually tell a plugin to “bend to G#5”, for example, rather we can only tell a plugin to “bend down by this amount” or “bend up by that amount”. The maximum amount of bending up or down is also restricted by the MIDI spec, so the most that Renoise can do is say “bend down as much as possible” or “bend up as much as possible”. Beyond that, it’s entirely up to the VSTi plugin to interpret those values and apply them in a meaningful way.

In some plugins the pitch bend range might be +/- a few semitones, or +/i a few octaves, or something else. So “bend up as much as possible” may give you a shift from C-4 to D-4, or it may give you a shift of C-4 to C-9.

In most cases it’s possible to define the pitch bend range in the plugin, so you may actually be able to configure a range that covers the entire keyboard, but it’s more likely that you will only have a few octaves available. Once again, this is unfortunately completely out of Renoise’s control.

But what if you want to bend the incoming pitch on the mastertrack or something.
How is this done in FL Studio then, since there is a default Pitch bend automation which works on everything including VSTI’s?