Pitch Bend Metadevice

I’d really love a universal pitch bend metadevice that we could control with LFO or whatever else we wish. This is one major area I think Renoise is lacking… I want to be able to do wild multi-octave bends and such, and there’s really no way to do this realtime AFAIK.

Unless I’m completely wrong, in which case please… correct me.

which signal should such a device control? should it bend the DSP input and output the result?

if I get what you mean, the DSP input should be sent through a pitch shifter?

I would like to control the tuning of a sample by an automation lane, velocity device, lfo device etc. I was about to post this idea, but I think BYTE-Smasher’s sugestion already covers this?

I assume this really regards internal sample instruments right?

For me it does.

I opened a lfo device ones, and saw the standard destination parameters like panning and volume, but didn’t find tuning. I expected tuning to be there as a destination because I looked at the lfo as if I was programming a synth or sampler.

Then I realised that the lfo doesn’t affect the soundsample itself but the track it’s played on. I had the wrong way of looking at stuff, still it would be cool if you could automate the tuning.

If you want to automate the tuning of the track itself then you would need a pitchshifter on the track, but automating the already existing tuning parameter of the sample part of an instrument would be better.

note: I don’t want to hijack this topic, so I’m hoping the topicstarter has the same intentions with his question as I do with mine. If not I will start a new topic.

A meta-device would mean it would also effect plugins, right? Or not neccesarily? A pitch bend device for samples only seems a bit limited to serve its purpose, but I’m not sure if that’s even possible to fix for plugins.

//if I get what you mean, the DSP input should be sent through a pitch shifter? //

No no… nothing like that. I’m talking about a device that bends whatever notes are currently playing on a track internally using portamento or whatnot. Standard, run of the mill pitch bending. I realize that I can use midi-cc to do this with VSTi, but it doesn’t work with samples as far as I know. I guess in this sense, my request SHOULD be midi-cc bending for samples :P

Ehmmm… Automatable pitch, one way or the other, +25 ;)

It’s my understanding that with VST instruments, the pitch bend range is controlled internally, and can’t be overridden by larger bend values, amirite?

Hmmm, I figured that if I can pitch SHIFT a plugin with a plugin, I can also pitch BEND it externally?

I don’t want pitchshifting by a plugin, I want to automate the tuning paramater in the sample part of an instrument.

Come to think of it, I want both. :D

Haha, same here, same here! Was just using it in my example and even there with a healthy dose of doubt.

You can bend down, but not up. Ask dblue about this one ;)

Oh YES, This is a magnificent Idea!
I would love to play with fine tuning and note pitch!

In my mind this is and would be an Excellent precursor to an instrument metadevice.

Could it be possible to simply link into the Sample Properties of the instruments?

Correct. Pitch bend commands are usually sent to the VSTi via MIDI, where it’s just a 7-bit value ranging from 0 to 127, with 0 representing full pitch bend down, and 127 representing full pitch bend up. How the synth actually responds to that really depends on its pitch bend range setting, so it might be +/- a few semitones, or it might be +/- several octaves, but it’s usually not a big deal to change it to something you find useful. In any case, you would still need to manually set a range in the VSTi, plus a range for sample-based instruments in your proposed Renoise device.

I’m actually now thinking that building midi pitch bend commands into sample instruments might be the better option… that way, it works with external gear too.

Pitchbend for external gear already exists in the midi device, I think since 2.1 But why would you only focus ona a pitchbend device if you can just pick sample tuning as a destination for any controller or device? You don’t need a pitchbend device to automate the panning or volumeslider niether.

For a simple soul like me, automating the tuningslider of the sample is the same as automating the panning- or volumeslider.

I know panning and volume are properties of the track and not the sample, but if you look at Renosie as a sampler or synthesizer, it’s these parameters (volume, panning, tuning) you would expect as basic destination for i.e. an lfo or automation lane.

Not for samples it doesn’t.

And I’m not sure what you’re on about regarding panning and volume… I’m not talking about those

I also want to be able to automate the tuning of a sample, just like we already can with external gear. So we agree on the important part :)

But I would like to see it implemented exactly as automation is implemented for the volumeslider and panningslider of a (mixer)track. That way you don’t need a dedicated pitchbend device. You’ll just have an extra destination called sampletuning under volume and panning in i.e. the lfo- or velocitydevice.

Sorry for the many words I use, I always do that when I’m hyper about something.