Pitch bend recording problem

Soo, have you guys found any solution for the pitch/bend not being recorded smoothly when using a MIDI-keyboard? Drawing those automation graphs is a real pain and destroys workflow completely. I’d very much like to record synth solos live for authenticity, but AFIK you can’t record MIDI-keyboard pitch/bend info into automation and the pattern view’s recording is all messed up. Renoise is wonderful, but this feature is sorely lacking. Thanks, guys!

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+1 for ability record PB/MW in automation tab. Pattern recordings really sucks.

You can’t assign keyboard PB wheel to any slider.

Agreed, proper DAW standard like recording of mod and pitchwheel would be great, optionally. I actually started to like slight stepping effect of pitchbend pattern automation, it adds nice character to leads :slightly_smiling_face:

Some tips:

  • Record pitchbend / modwheel each to separate tracks, so you can have both at once and it won’t mess/mix up.
  • Always keep the last column in a track free
  • Don’t forget about the three interpolation shortcuts. You can set min. max. value and then interpolate the values, often its much more easy and smooth than hex editing.
  • Use 8 LPB as minimum resolution