Pitch bend Vsti Instrument arghhhh

Hi so slowly but surely I’m getting to grips with Renoise and am loving it , though one thing that bugs me is trying to to a simple pitch bend with a Vst instrument (not a sample) say bending up to a note for example I cannot seem to get the effect command to do it properly - I am being a dumbass here so i BEG of you please help a bro out !!

Pattern effect commands do not register with a VSTi. You can however automate or run commands on the pitch wheel or a midi CC value controlling the instruments pitch. As with all other DAWs, Renoise can only transmit normal midi messages to a VST instrument.

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There are different ways to manipulate bends.

One for VSTs is to use the M1 effect comand, with data. Look here: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Effect_Commands#MIDI_Commands …but I don’t want to do that, it is restricted to one value per line and most VSTs I use have no interpolation/smoothing of the values so it would result in very ugly steppy bends.

Automation graphs can give a smoother experience. You can automate about any parameter, and also a bend parameter for an instrument with an instr. midi control metadevice. Keep the graph a straight line at 0.5, and make rises or falls for smooth bends up or down. How much is bent, depends on the settings of the VST.

I’m a real bad heretic, and mostly boycott the use of tracker style pitch slides, and also do this for native instruments via pitch modulation macros. Works just like with midi instruments via the instr. automation device.

To realtime jazzing and testing bend behaviour I have transformed my pitch bend wheel to generate CC instead of pitchbend, and map it to the appropriate sliders/macros. The center is a bit off then, I sometimes correct (and interpolate) it with a formula device.