Pitch Bend


I started working seriously with Renoise for a few weeks and I’m dealing with issues mostly involving MIDI cc I hope could be solved .

From what I’ve read so far , it’s not possible to modify effect command through MIDI cc ( especially pitch bend 01xx or 02xx )on Renoise or any other tracker. Is that correct?

Is there a way to pitch bend a sample based instrument with pitch wheel on Renoise? I’ve come up with the following ; in the enveloppe panel of instrument, while selecting pitch enveloppe with one control point, could you associate a midi cc (pitch wheel) parameter with this control point, so that you could automate pitch bend?

Thanks in advance

It’s not possible.

Should be though.

What noby says.

But I can think of one crazy workaround : use the duplex keyboard and then map pitch bend to a pitch-shifting plugin (normally, you can’t map pitch bend but using the duplex keyboard you can). Sound quality would suffer tho.

Or use a sampler VST.

I recently had a similar question regarding assigning retrigger to a MIDI cc … in Buzz there is peer control which use to achieve this … nothing in renoise tho … definitely something they should do for subsequent builds …

Thanks ,

As danoise mentionned it, automating a pitch shifting vst to sample based instrument might work. Has anyone tried such a trick in Renoise? Is there a pitch shifter that works well for this kind of thing (I mean controllable pitch and sound not too distorted) ?

There is no pitch bender that sounds close to pitch bend commands. Just use some sampler VST.

That’s frustrating. So, I could not use sample as a live recorded instrument, I guess .
I would like to benefit from the sample effect command (sample offset) offered by a tracker while allowing me to control in real time what I’m playing with my MIDI keyboard. Should I go full VST in this case?
I’ve hardly found vst sampler that have precise control over sample offset . Is there any?
Still, I’d prefer stuck with tracker ;) .