Pitch Bending

Hi guys,

Great forum, been really helpful thus so far.

I can’t see any obvious way of pitchbending in renoise? it’s not listed under the DSP’s?

I have a sound interface with midi cables and an alpha juno synth with pitch bending on the unit, is there a way there or?

By the way I need this explained to me in very simple steps, still a beginner.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Christian, London.

I didn’t understand a word of this? Pitch bending samples in the most basic possible way of explaining it step by step?

find answers to all your effects questions here

that sounds great, but I am a beginner, how do i enter those values? If I click on the column, I can’t seem to manually type in values? How do i do that? Or is it done some other way?

you have to enter the record mode: press ESC

You should really sit down and read the tutorial pages…

Press escape so you get a giant red border in the pattern editor, that means you can type stuff now. Move the cursor with the arrows and the tab button, make sure it’s in the right spot, then type numbers. Press escape again to get rid of the red border.


-if you havent yet learned how to read.

Vv, Kaneel & Bytesmasher made some great video tutorials on using renoise.

go here:

Maybe it’s a lame question but I still don’t know whow to slide samples up/down live with pitchbander on my midi keyboard.

It’s currently not possible.

i’m finding more and more, external devices like midi controllers, mice, control surfaces etc.

are just a total pain in the mindset, when it comes to tracking.

only thing that holds true in my POV with tracking,
is the no frills standard issue qwerty keyboard.

unless you fancy re-occurring headaches, you dont need anything else.