Pitch Correction Tool

I’m looking for a pitch correcting tool, or maybe it’s a pitch follow tool.
I’m working with car engine samples and they must be as flat in pitch as possible to mix well in our game engine. I’m not sure noisy sound material will work with tools made for music either. Otherwise, I’ll have to stick with pitch bending samples manually which is tedious and not always 100% correct.
I haven’t worked with autotune, vocoders and such so any advice regarding this topic would be appreciated.

If you load the sample into audacity you can analyse the sample and then calculate the pitch shift you need to get it tuned correctly. Try looking into this: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Analyze_Menu
I used it to tune crash cymbals and similar so it should work with other noisy sounds as well.

Thanks Goose, I tried analyzing the samples but I think they are too noisy. The pitch/frequency readout behaves erratic and jumps up and down. Getting a clear note or frequency seems tricky and is much more time consuming than just pitch bending them.