Pitch Device

Would map note pitch values to plugin parameters. Similar to Velocity Device, but takes its input from the note pitch, instead of velocity. Could be a new Meta Device, or a new option for the Velocity Device.

Could be used to drive a DSP chain made of VST/LADSPA plugins to act as a softsynth, for example. e.g: generate some white noise, then filter it through a bandpass whose frequency value is controlled by the Pitch Device.

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sorry about that.
there are already a few threads about this idea, have a search.

As far as I can see there is no way to map note pitch values to plugin parameters. So could you explain why it would be redundant?

I searched, and found no threads about this idea. Could you please provide a link?

I can see how this can be misunderstood, so I made a renoise pattern which demonstrates the basic idea. In Track 1 there is a looped white noise sample filtered by an LP Moog with high Resonance. The cutoff of the filter is automated, so it plays a simple melody.

Now it is pretty hard to hit the right frequency by hand. With the Pitch Device (or whatever it would be called), you could simply enter notes instead of modifying the pitch. Of course what you filter doesn’t have to be white noise - it can be a sample, plugin output, or anything. Also you could use different filters than LP Moog. I could have used a Filter3-Bandpass but I wanted to keep it loadable in v1.9.1.

This would be most useful with the many LADSPA generator plug-ins which don’t have a note trigger input, but just a “Frequency” control value instead. So basically, the Pitch Device together with the Velocity Device would enable you to make your own Softsynths inside Renoise, Lego-Style. Also, I think implementing it wouldn’t be too hard (its functionality is very similar to the Velocity Device).

There should be 2 mapping modes,
a) Frequency,
b) 1/Frequency which is the convention used by many AMS-style LADSPA plugins.
A “Tuning” or “Offset” parameter would also be needed.

Pitch Device has been requested multiple times and it’s quite sure that it will be implemented in a future version, being it under the form of a Device or as an instrument parameter.

This said, I don’t think that Pitch Device will be implemented basing it on frequency: most likely it will receive note events and interpret them as numbers (C-0 = 00, C#0 = 01, and so on). Call it Note device, if you prefer, but the same way Velocity Device does not calculate the amplitude of a playing sample, Pitch Device will not calculate it’s frequency.


I’m not sure if you understand this right (or if I understand what you’re saying). I’m not asking for something that finds the pitch of a playing sample – this would involve pretty cpu-intensive stuff and most of the time it doesn’t work reliably anyway. So yes, the Pitch Device would receive note events of course. But it would have to convert them to a Frequency value in one way or another. Check out the track I made, it’s simple. And it would (or should) have a “1/Frequency” mapping option to make it work with the many LADSPA generator plugins available which use this convention.

BTW: could you post a link to a thread where this has been suggested before. I’m relatively new to the forums and the search turned up nothing.

PS: The convention I meant is actually 1/Octave, not 1/Frequency. AMS uses it, and therefore many AMS-compatible LADSPA plugins use it too.

But a mapping to plain “Frequency” would be useful, too. There should be several mapping options.

So you mean it would take note events for input, and create frequency values for output? I can see this as useful. But where does that frequency output go? To other devices? Are you talking about a general note-to-frequency / note-to-??? converter?

What is 1/octave used for?

Yes. Similar to the Velocity device. It would take note events for input, and “output” them to the parameter which it is connected to.

Example: you have a “Pitch Device” hooked up to the Frequency Parameter of a moog filter. You play C0 -> It sets the Frequency Parameter to the lowest value. You play D0 -> it sets the Frequency to a slightly higher value. How much this “slightly higher” is would be determined by the mapping. A linear or exponential mapping from 0% to 100% (or anything in between, just like the Velocity Device) would be one mapping option. Mapping to Frequency, or to 1/Octave, would be other mapping options.

This is just a convention. AMS Documentation says that it comes from early Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (hardware things wired together driven by voltage levels). AMS emulates these in software, so you can build your own soft-synths or arbitrary DSP stuff. It’s pretty versatile. You can also use LADSPA plugins with it.

Renoise already supports LADSPA, so if there would be a 1/Octave mapping it could drive those plugins.

The Pitch Device wouldn’t be limited to LADSPA plugins of course.

I see. There’s already velocity value mapping and MIDI CC mapping, so why not note number mapping? I’d take the note value, output in Hz, and plug that into the LofiMat 2 quality level. So the LofiMat’s sampling rate would be controlled by my MIDI keyboard.

Yeah, for example.