Pitch envelope amount


Trying to make a bass drum be a bit more expressive. I’m trying to get the pitch envelope to react to velocity so that with a harder hit, the amount of pitch envelope is increased.

Do all I need to do is connect a macro to the input amount of the pitch envelope? or does this not do what I’m thinking…

sorry if thats a basic question!

No its not basic, it need lots of technical fiddling to do in renoise. Also there are always different ways, each having different advantages and disadvantages.

I attack for you an example of a velocity sensitive bassdrum I just made inspired by your post. I did the sensitivity by using velocity trackers in the modulations, but as I said there are other possible techniques to achieve similar functionality.

Look at the instrument modulation, the vol will react to velocity, but will scale only from 50-100%, not the full range, so low velocity will have half amplitude, full velocity full range. But also look at the pitch, as this was your question. I used the vel tracker there to scale a pitch slide, so higher velocity notes are not only louder, but also much more aggressiv/snappier, shorter also though and less bassy. Maybe you get the idea of how to use vel trackers in modulation. It is not very straightforward. The tracker will output a value from zero to one depending on the velocity the instrument was triggered with. You need to view the operators as math operations in a formula, calculating strictly from the left to the right, and you can be creative with stacking operations to shape a response that is interesting for you. I think there is a limit of like 12 or so operator devices in each chain.

Great, thanks so much for taking the time to show me this :slight_smile:

So the volume operandi are to shape the curve?

It does sound slightly different using them, rather than by only using the velocity tracker set to scale mode and 64 min 127 max…

no, they should in theory do the same, I just did the thing with the 2 vol operators because I was unsure how the vel tracker options actually work.

have fun with your dynamic bassdrum :slight_smile: the inspiration to do the dynamic velocity pitching was worth creating the example for you many times.