Pitch Envelope Note Values

Being able to bend to a note within the pitch envelope can be very useful for arps and such. Hold down the left control key in the pitch envelope whilst hovering your mouse cursor over a dot to see it’s value. Assuming our original note is C4:

“C5” 100
“B4” 95.833
“A#4” 91.667
“A4” 87.5
“G#4” 83.333
“G4” 79.167
“F#4” 75
“F4” 70.833
“E4” 66.667
“D#4” 62.5
“D4” 58.333
“C#4” 54.167
“C4” 50
“B3” 45.833
“A#3” 41.667
“A3” 37.5
“G#3” 33.333
“G3” 29.167
“F#3” 25
“F3” 20.833
“E3” 16.667
“D#3” 12.5
“D3” 8.333
“C#3” 4.167
“C3” 0

This seems to be correct; can anyone confirm?

That’s a nifty list.
Another way to test this is just render to sample with the pitched value and the original value, then writing the wave to disk data and then do a file compare between those two.

Very cool, though also very fiddly. Tried making some single-cycle “chip” type instruments with arpeggios for different chords and it worked like a charm.

This thread also got me experimenting with the pitch envelope for some pretty interesting effects. For instance pitching up the first three ticks of a sample one octave to get some extra punch with bass sounds. I really need to spend some more time with the pitch envelope. Some really interesting instrument modulation effects like you can get in Soundtracker on the ZX Spectrum/Timex Sinclair are possible. Pretty cool.

Nice tip rounser! I’ve never thought of the idea of using pitch envelopes for arps before. Gotta try this some time…

I sometimes use pitch envelopes, but never for arpeggios, since you cannot edit pitch envelopes so, unless you’re going to perform the same arpeggio along the whole song, this is not going to be useful.

Ah, no. You’d use one separate instrument for each type of arpeggio. I tried it yesterday and it actually worked pretty well.

huh, I see. I really cannot manage to think this way; for me, using the same sample twice has always been a waste of bytes. I know that nowadays this doesn’t make any sense at all anymore, but still…

the ability to share samples between instruments is probably the only thing I stll envy in Impulse Tracker

I sort of agree, but recycling samples also makes the tune less modular. I can just imagine the mess of a song not working anymore because i accidentally loaded the wrong instrument in the wrong place and 5 other instruments not working anymore. :)

Anyway, these days wastage is necessary in some ways to acheive better sound quality. With improved interpolation, samples become less rich and you need to compensate by multisampling what you need, so that a sample may take up a lot more space than it used to. It’s all for the best though… trust me ;)

RNS file as an example, anyone? ;)