Pitch Envelope

Hi there, the mods should feel free to remove this thread if it has already been discussed for 1.5. I’m currently using RC3 and I feel this topic doesn’t quite fit in the bug forums.

I use the Pitch Envelope editor a lot in previous versions of renoise - it’s great for making little glitches at the start of a sample and then have it return to the set pitch (which is 50% on the editor). However, in the new version of Renoise I find it impossible to perfectly lock the graph onto 50%, even when using the Ctrl button to finely set the value.

If I’m not missing some trick with the editor, why not make some sort of feature for the pitch envelope to easily lock onto 50%? Seeing that 50% is a very important value when doing pitch envelopes, a button or some mouse trick might solve the problem? Since 1.5 came out I’ve had to refrain from creating new envelopes. Resolution is a good thing, but if you can’t specify it specifically then it becomes a little bit like shooting in the dark.

Thankie :)

It seems to me that a snap to grid type of feature might be useful i.e. if it snapped to whole integers when enabled (maybe the level of snapping/accuracy set by the user).

edit: afraid I can`t think of something to help you at the moment though.

For sure, that snap to grid idea would be good. I mean, it’s almost there: if you hold Ctrl down you can see the value to 3 decimal places - you just can’t lock onto 50%. Yeah, you certainly need it to lock onto 50%.

I spose I could load up an old song with a 50% alread in a pitch envelope and save it as a preset in 15.RC3. But what are people going to do if 1.5 is the first version of renoise they have looked at?