Pitch quantizing LFOs?

New to the forum, long time Renoise user.

I have an LFO’s random oscillator controlling the “note” on a ringmod. I also have a keytracker controlling the LFO reset, so every time I hit a key, I get a random note. This in combination with the Y command has been a lot of fun.

I wonder if anyone knows a way to quantize these note values I’m getting from the LFO’s random oscillator in the same way you would with an Intellijel Scales or similar synth module?

Right now I’m solving this problem by using an autotune after the ring modulator, which actually sounds pretty cool in its own way, but isn’t my ideal solution.

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If I understand what you want to achieve, perhaps the “Stepper” module is ideal. once you have programmed all the notes with point values, you can use the “random” value as “steps” which would replace the LFO.

This video perfectly explains how it works:

Edit: Thanx to Achenar for correcting video link


Thanks so much, that totally does what I wanted. I knew there had to be a solution that was simpler than what I was doing!

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