Pitch Shifting Sample In An Instrument ?


Is it possible to pitch-shift samples in an instrument within Renoise e.g. drum loops playing at different pitch but same tempo up/down keyboard ?

Or would you have to use external sample editor ?


The only reasonable method (at least with drumloops) is by using the 09xx command… That is if you are using an internal sample and not a VSTI plugin.
But it depends on the size of the sample if the result is still satisfying.
First insert a 0900 command in the effect column at the start of your sample. Play the pattern and follow it to the line where your drumloop quits playing.
Insert a 09ff at that line in the effect column. Now select the whole effect range with your mouse from the 0900 to the 09ff command and then open the advanced edit menu, with a little luck “Selection in pattern” is already selected, if not, click that radiobutton, then scroll down to the vol/pan/dly/fx box and click any of the interpolation buttons (lin, log or exp).
Now on each rowthat has a 09xx value, trigger that sample with the same note.

If you play it, your drumloop should play normally.
Now hit shift+F2 to raise your track one semitone or shift+F1 to lower it one, you will noticve that your drumloop will keep playing the same pace but the pitch is changing.

Ofcourse if you raise it higher, chances that you will hear snippets of the next sample part will raise and if you lower it, you risk sample parts being cut off before they are actually finished.
But you can stretch your break a few semitones this way or you can even change the pitch of a specific part in your break without molesting your original sample (this is something you cannot really do in an external sample editor).

The “Sample offset” tutorial song (under help / tutorials and demo songs) in Renoise will give you this quick glance.

I have the same problem as Pathologist. But I don’t understand this. Must I also type the sample note at the end when it quits playing? And I don’t have the selection “Selection in Pattern”. What to do?

This “selection in pattern” i was talking about:

This is your initial stuff and yes, you have to copy every note on the next row. You can accomplish this easily by copying the first note and then performing a “Continues paste” (ctrl+p) shortcut on the same spot (note: continues paste will overwrite everything in the track underneath your cursor location). Only copy the note and instrument number. Fill in the 0900 on the first row you want to “stretch” your triggered sample and the 09ff on the last position of the sample that will be triggered by the note.

C-4 01 0900  
C-4 01 ....  
C-4 01 ....  
C-4 01 ....  
C-4 01 ....  
C-4 01 ....  
C-4 01 ....  
C-4 01 ....  
C-4 01 ....  
C-4 01 09FF  

Select the effect column from the first 0900 to the 09ff (only the notecolumn)

And then click either lin/log/exp button and see the values automatically being filled in…

C-4 01 0900  
C-4 01 0919  
C-4 01 0933  
C-4 01 094C  
C-4 01 0966  
C-4 01 097F  
C-4 01 0999  
C-4 01 09B2  
C-4 01 09E2  
C-4 01 09FF  

i ended up solving this by adding a completely different loader of samples into Paketti, and it loads the sample into an instrument which already has pitchbend configured up, and an *Instr.Macros added to the mix too for automation. so now all you gotta do is trigger the Paketti SampleLoader with PitchBend, then load a sample, and it has pitchbend set up automatically.