Pitch slide and vibrato pattern effect for VSTi?


Would be nice to have this for pitchbend automations via pattern effects. Renoise could have an option, where we can enable it per plugin in the plugin settings with a min/max values for the pitch wheel, similar like in Bitwig:
image (Pitch bend range)

Some rules could be:

  • note off’s/internal note off’s resets the pitch bend
  • slide up / down are just working in the pb range, which can be set in the plugin settings (user need to change the pitchbend range inside the plugin, too)

I think its possible to implement this.

When MPE support is planned someday, we would already have some fundamentalst for per note pitching.


Had the same though last week. There is a command for Midi Pitchbend, but it’s a hassle to use compared to the fun of U and D. Maybe putting them in the Master FX Column could make them control Midi PB since MPE is not supported yet.

I know these workarounds, but i want this as easy as possible and i thought it would be a nice feature. :slight_smile:

Great Tip, is there maybe a way to trigger an LFO Envelope from the pattern editor with an fx command?

Hmm there are two problems with letting the LFO control the pitch bend:

1 - when sliding DOWN it slides upwards still, as the lfo goes up
2 - there is no way to stop sliding upward? No “stop” command? The following notes just keep going up up up no matter what value you enter.

Or are there work arounds for that too?

Yes, you automate the bypass checkbox of the LFO device.