Pitch/slide Assist?


Octamed on the Amiga has a feature that assists one to create perfect slides/glides from note to note using effect commands(1xx,2xx or 3xx/5xx in Renoise).

One could simply select a few notes and let the program calculate the correct speed for noteslide command or 1xx / 2xx.

For example lets say i wanted to create a pitch slide from C-3 to C4 between rows 0-16.
In Octamed i could simply enter C-3 on row 0 and C-4 on row 16 select rows 0-16 and then chosse pitch slide(either using 1xx/2xx or 3xx), when using 1xx the program entered aproriate 1xx on all rows untill row 16 & targetnote was reached.

Or in the case of using 3xx the program would move the target note to the next row(row 1 of sourcenote was set on row 0) and calculate the slide speed and enter 3xx untill line 16 was reached.

I have looked around in the advanced edit and it’s interpolation features but none seem to work well with pitch related commands, they work fine for volume and panning, maybe i’m blind?

I must say I miss the fine slide commands too. I quite often used fineslide volume/pan/pitch in other trackers.

IMO the whole renoise command concept should have a workover some time in the future.

Its has too many limitations.

Better volume resolution
Being able to implant more/new commands for new features.
More digits for better resolution for most effects (like offset timings)
Move tempo commands to master track? Being able to set/change speeds faster then 255 etc…

I dont know if its best to keep the old system and then being able to add a new type of fx column when you need better parameter resolution.
Or just to have one type of fx column that has more digits.
Or add an extra 2 digit fx column ala Madtracker.

Am I the the only one who see limitations in todays system?
If any commands are to be changed at all, I think you have to do all changes at once.
Could be an interessting discussion ;)