Pitch Slide Down faulty with Samples in "Texture" Mode

If using pitch slide down on a sample which has Beatsync enabled in “texture” mode, an artifact (pop / crackle) will always occur as soon as the sample has been pitch slided 6 halftones downwards.

see the example file attached. error will occur in pattern 2
pattern 0-1 are just to prove that the sample itslef sounds clean.

artifacts do not occur if pitch slided up
artifacts occur if portamento to note is being used

assumption: this behaviour did not occur in versions prior to v3.4.2, as songs rendered with older version sound fine in places where 3.4.2 generates pops as descriped above.

texture_mode_slide_down_faulty.xrns (666.0 KB)

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Hail Satan :rofl:

Going to check this later…

Beware of renoise being doomed after loading that xrns! :japanese_goblin:


Lol, I noticed that too :metal: :imp: :metal:

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I get crackles also also with 3.4.1 and 3.4.0 in Linux. Strange …

not sure which renoise version was most recent in May 2021, but it didn’t occur there in a tune i rendered where is used this.

guess it was 3.3.2, which seems to have been released in March 2021:

Can’t bother to install it right now, but i think that version must’ve been OK concerning this matter.

But even if it wasn’t, i’d still regard this as a bug.

This also occurs in v3.4.1, Win10 64bit. I couldn’t check v3.3.2 because your file was made with a newer Renoise version and cannot be loaded in v.3.3.2. (which is a very annoying behavior by the way).

yeah that’s quite nasty but i guess it’s simply because xml data structure was changed to an extend, that destroys compatbilitly.

you could however fire up any sample in 3.3.2, switch beatsync in texture mode on and pitchslide down by at least 6 halfsteps.

Ok, I don’t have that kind of samples anymore because I don’t use samples except drums, so I ripped the one you were using in your file. The error also occurs in v3.3.2, and I bet it’s the same behavior in prior versions.

I checked v3.2.1 just for fun, the error obviously already existed back then.

thanks for the effort.

that is unexpected, so my curiosity prevailed and made me install 3.3.2 and here are my findings:

both version have the bug, but i guess i couldn’t spot it in a previous render from may 2021, as it was less audible than it is now in the current version.

no matter what it would be great, if this could be fixed in a future version.