Pitch Up/down + Retrigger

I have 3 effect columns going here one for offsets, one for retrigger and now I added one for pitch up and down.

so I have:

C-40C … 09A0 — ---
— … — --- —
— … — 0E42 0209
— … — 0E42 0209
— … — 0E42 0209

renoise responds to the retrigger, but not the pitch down. is it possible to do that?

or do I have to drop the pitch down command and just enter lower octaves for that instrument to achieve the pitch down?


ok, to answer my own question, I managed to achieve what I wanted by “transposing” gradually the instrument to achieve a pitch down plus retrigger. it’s all good.

but is it possible to achieve this by using effect columns only?

could you show an example of exactly what you mean by this?

C-4-01 0E11

like that?

Try this:

C-40C … 09A0 ---- ----
----- … ---- ---- ----
----- … ---- 0E42 0210
----- … ---- 0E42 0220
----- … ---- 0E42 0230

imo the retrig-types (Ex in panning-column and 0Exx command-column) are a bit different. it sounds like 0Exx is retriggering from beginnng of a sample and Ex is retriggering the actual ‘place in sample’. so it sounds smoother to me while retrig in panning-column.
but i guess that was already mentioned.
a small sample: test rns

EDIT: i forgot to say, there’re two kinds of retrig in this rns. and both pitched with 01xx/02xx commands

man, thanks so much for this example. this EX type retrigger (retriggering the actual ‘place in sample’) was EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Could I have a look at that retiggering sample test, please.


retrig test