pitchbend and modwheel as effect commands, smoothing pattern automatio

What about pattern effect commands for pitchbend and modwheel for midi / vst plugins?

What about U and D, which currently will be just applied on samples, will also change the pitchbend?

UF = full up DF = full down.

The effect “U” and “D” should do a curve like value change, so you dont hear any steps, like the original U and D effect for samples. I’m not sure, what letters would fit formodwheel, but it would be great when this can be done with the mod wheel, too.

I know, there is an automation editor, but its sometimes a pain to use it. I mostly prefer to do automation directly in the pattern editor.

The problem is, that there is currently no way to smooth pattern automation values like the internal effects (U,D, …). What about an interpolation type for effect columns in the pattern editor? Default would be points and in linear and curve the effect value changes will be smoothed.

can I has? :

effect parameter pattern command

link to input of:

formula device interpolation (yah that crappy power inertia, or some better interpolation formula)

link to input of:

instrument midi control pitch bend parameter

will has for me:

lots of grief that pattern fx control 0x79 = 0.475 and 0x80 = 0.502, even more grief that I can has obligued to correct it in formula device to get 0x80 = 0.5 for pitchbend at zero not outta tune. But for “modwheel” it might “work fine” (8bit).

It can be done already™

Yeah sure, but why so complicated? Btw i know these “hacks”. I just want this inbuilt…