is my midi controller pitchbend working with the samples and instruments ?(wave files) … it works fine with Vstis but its not implemented if i tweak it on my midi controllers while working with wave samples ?
how come ?

( i know the command for pitchbend but thought if i could use pitchweel on my midi keyboard)

indeed this is an inconsistence we are aware of. we are talking in the team about the ways to integrate this command into the XRNI system.

MIDI and trackers pitchbend work in two completely different ways (MIDI pitchbend is relative, while trackers’ pitchbend is absolute), and for the moment there is no solution to your problem.

on a side note, I’m seeing from the other topics you have opened that you are facing with some big differences between Fruityloops (probably your main sequencer at the moment) and Renoise; I understand your difficulties, and I’m happy to see that you’re keeping on…

we are all here to support you for any question you may have.

Thank you very much for your reply .

Well actually i used to be a Buzz user and before that i worked with modplug tracker .then i moved to reason .ive never used fl studio , but i know its a good sequencer . the main reason i tried not to use it is becasue of it stabality , i bear it when it crashes anymore.

anyway i`ve been tracking since 98 and now i really want to find out if i could work again with trackers or not.i know when using piano roll sequencers with midi controllers ,it makes it really hard to go back to tracker softwares.

i just wonder why the developers didn`t add any automation to the sampler (i mean the instrument editor)
like for filters envelope ,resonance ,… it would be nice to have commands for them in the pattern editor.


i quote you on this; probably the main reason is that “the developers” is actually just one person (member “taktik” on this forum)

there are many ideas about this, though, and news about this may come in the near future; I grant you that “the developers” are aware of this missing feature.