Pitchbending Samples In Real Time?

I’m looking for a way to pitchbend/modulate samples in real time. Ideally a plugin or VST that can be loaded from within renoise to play around with samples whilst a track is playing in the background.

My Atari ST had a program called MIDIplay that could load up a group of samples, map them to different notes on the keyboard and mess about with them in. It was a great tool for PAs. Is there something similar to this available for the PC.


You mean timestretching or you want to control internal samples with your pitchbend wheel?
For option two there are a few options, like ShortCircuit VST sampler.

Thanks. The ShortCircuit VST sampler was exactly what I was looking for. :)

ive got this free sampler also,but havent used it yet,havent had the need to yet

It is a good sampler when you work with loose wave samples but it has a lousy loop-handler for soundfont libraries.
Or i might have missed an update where this has been fixed recently.

yo kutabare, doesn’t renoise pitch-slide patterncommands 1xx or 2xx do the job?

For sequencing yes. I was looking for a way of manipulating the samples live whist a track is playing in the background. For PAs and such.