PitchDevice & VelocityDevice

ok, you ignored the “velocity envelope” suggestion I made some weeks ago, but please don’t ignore this :)

what about a PitchDevice?

I mean a Device which let’s you link the pitch of an instrument with an effect parametr value.

Something similar in structure to the LFODevice, in which you can decide the range of the slider value, which parameter to affect, and which instrument to link.

probably a pitch range would also be useful
like a “minimum note” and “maximum note” couple
under/over which the slider value would be the same of minimum/maximum

instrument to link: 01
DSP to link: track 01, effect 02
parametr to link: 01
min value = 00
max value = 40
min pitch = C-4
max pitch = C-6

when I play C-4 01, the value of the linked DSP parameter would be set to 00, while C-6 would set it to 40. C-5 to 20.

Anything lower/higher than minimum/maximum pitch would set the value to minimum/maximum

well I thnk this would rule :)

Super, hyper, great idea !!!

today I’ve remembered this old idea by me…

the generic idea really looks like something which would turn ReNoise into something totally modular.

for example, why not a VelocityDevice then?

Something which would let you modulate an effect basing on the volume value (00…40hex) of a sample/VSTi/MIDIpatch.

Wouldn’t linking resonance of a built-in filter’s instance to the velocity of a sample be a great thing, for example?

GREAT idea!! :D :yeah: This would make playing samples with a MIDI keyboard even more fun :)

Like these ideas, Think that both of these devices could be useful!

surely two very useful things, but instead of adding more and more messy devices, why not give each instrument a real modulation matrix?

And if you will:…06f91bea3bfc07e


Great idea!

Been wanting this for weeks now.
I tried it using vst pitchshift plugins, but its not exactly the same ofcourse.

I was thinking about it a lot and another way to solve it next to the pitchdevice solution (which is more elegantly though)
would be a modulation device for the renoise cmds. In this case for 1xx and 2xx modulated by the lfo or through (midi) automation. :wink:
Would be really cool for other cmds also like 9xx (sample offset) and exx (sample retrigger)

And speaking of the LFODevice:

  • Wanted: Frequency sync option for (LFO)Devices -
    I really miss it in the lfo device. The idea is great and it works very good, but it would work even better if you could sync the frequency to beats, n/nth notes etc…
    (maybe i should post this one seperately…)


a modulation device for the renoise cmds.

Frequency sync option for (LFO)Devices

Like both of these ideas!