Pitching A Whole Track / Instrument Up/Down

Heya! :D First post here! A few friends nabbed Renoise for me for Christmas, been having fun with it ever since.

Is there a way to pitch an instrument or a track up in the pattern editor that won’t reset on the next note? I’ve got a nicely sliced up amen break, and I want each hit to be played up a bit. I was hoping there’d be a way to access the instrument’s overall pitch or modify it’s envelopes?

Thanks in advance!

Where ever you’ve put a note you can put a ‘Pitch slide up’ or ‘Pitch slide down’ pattern effect command…

Read more about pattern effect commands here:


Ah yeah - already got pitch sliding down, but on each new note, it resets the pitch, so it keeps sliding around. I’m trying to find a way to keep it constant.

I’m note sure what you mean, so i’ll give three answers to accomplish 3 different things…

Advanced Edit -> Transpose?

If you are on OSX, try AUPitch which is built in. On Windows dBlue Stretch?

Render to Sample -> Timestrech Tool?

Oh so you just want the drumkit to played on a higher or lower note the entire time… Not just a certain moment in the track, yes?

Go to the Instrument Editor and underneath the piano keys you’ll find yourself Transpose All Splits this lets you modify all base note settings of all samples in the instrument with a single click.

Thanks Corner_Bw and vincentvc, dBlue stretch is about what I was looking for. :) I think what I should’ve asked for is how to do a pitchbend on samples with a midi cc, but it seems like it’s not supported, small beans. :) This gives me more to play with though anyway.