how do i pitch samples continously variable up and down in the free renoise version??
sorry if this topic has been discussed already, but i’m from germany and my english is not as good as yours:)

I’m from Italy :)

you have to use 01xx (pitch up) and 02xx (pitch down) commands.

please refer to ReNoise help file (in ReNoise installation folder):
Reference => pattern effect commands

the demosong “Oh My Mind” in subfolder “SONGS” of ReNoise installation, in patern 0E, has an example of this command usage.

You also have the nice 05xx Glide to note…

ok, at first big thx 4 your help:) i’ll tell it a friend of mine who is an fast-tracker old-schooler:) hope, he can show me all the stuff i can do with renoise;) if i have any other questions i will ask you guys agáin:)

you have to write exactly what your synth writes when you move the pitchweel.

  1. On the last note column of the track where to put the pitch slide, put a 91.

  2. in the current row, if there is no note in this last note column, put the instrument number in it (even with no note)

  3. in the last command column, put a xx00 value, where 0000 means pitch full down, while 007f means pitch full up.

C-4 01 – -- ---- 01 – 91 6A00