Pixel quirks with very dense automation editor points

No real big deal this Taktik, but I thought I’d point it out (forgive the slight pun) if you are not aware :slight_smile:

It’s to do with the automation editor and the placement of the points in relation to the line. You can get this:

Attachment 6208 not found.

The lower points don’t scale that well with the line when the automation editor is fully stretched up AND zoomed out fully.

Simply create about 5-6 or more blank patterns and add some points in the first pattern below the half way mark of the automation editor. I did this for example:

Attachment 6209 not found.

Select ‘zoom out fully’ from the automation editor. Now vertically stretch the automation editor up to maximum height and see how well the lower points track the line. I get:

Attachment 6210 not found.

As I say it’s no big deal it’s just a slight visual/cosmetic thing :slight_smile: