Pixel Tiger Rush (Commercial Dance/ Club Trash/ Complextro)

Hey Renoise Forum.

Here is a song made entirely with Renoise 2.7

It’s aiming to be a commercial dance/club house track with a Complextro touch.

Any feedback from the composition to the production would be greatly greatly appreciated :D

Thanks to everyone who listens!


Ahh, commercial dance/club music, finally something I know a bit about.

Overall a good song. I could imagine some sparse female vocals over this and it going down well in a nightclub.

The different sections have enough variation to keep the song interesting and you don’t fall into the repetition trap which is easy in commerical dance.

One suggestion, there is a clap at 2:21 when the drums stop, and the bass fades in. From experience DJing, I suggest adding a delay on the final clap only, with a delay time of 1 beat and maybe 6 or 7 echos. This is so the dancefloor will be able to keep in time when dancing. Currently, the beat stops a bit too dramatically.

Excellent work!

YES, this is great. You’ve really been improving, this song is pretty much awesome. I DO agree with mxb, there should be either delay or some reverb on the clap-dropoff to some softer stuff, I’d also reccomend a white noise buildup to that clap (just put reverb on some whitenoise, and automate a cutoff filter to begin around half a measure before the clap), but that’s just me.
Other than that, this track is excellent, the growls and plucks are top-shelf, and the mastering is really, really good. Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you in the future! ^.^

Thanks you two for leaving feedback, (and especially to you Pix, who has always left a lot of feedback on my tracks :] )

Yep, every producer I have spoken to has told me to increase the reverb on that last clap before the break. It’s definitely a bit jarring as it plunges into sudden silence. So I will try and fix this, as I have some DJ opportunities and would like to play this live to see how it goes.

I felt a bit cheap using the “dutch lead” and the one note bass line. It’s what all club music consists of in Korea, hence me labeling it ‘club trash’, haha. I want to try something more rhythmically challenging for my next few tracks. I much prefer other BPMs to 128, (especially 110BPM, and 140BPM.) And yet I always seem to write at 128, with a 4 to the floor.

Hopefully my next few tracks will come out at a faster pace than before. Thanks for the praise and taking an interest you too :D. I was also thinking of putting together some YouTube tutorials for renoise users looking to make this style of music, but I wasn’t quite sure if I was “qualified” enough yet :]

I think you are good enough for making tutorials. This track is just as good as some other commercial dance-pop I’ve heard.

As I’m tentatively starting to make music in Renoise rather than just coding, any more tutorials would be much welcomed.

This one is well produced, rythms are lively,but I am not very fond of that kind of lead. However, I find that your first song ‘Warriors’ posted on Renoise was excellent! Keep posting songs on the forum :walkman: