Pixel Tiger - Warriors (Electro-Pop/house/complextro/dubstep)

Hello Renoise board, this is my first time posting a song here :D

This is a kinda Electro-pop/ complextro track, with some Dubstep style synths.

Anyway, I would love any feedback about anything, and especially with my mastering/mixing. As I think that’s definitely my weakest point (I have no idea what I am doing really).

The song was made entirely with Renoise, 20 tracks, and uses NI MASSIVE, Sylenth1 and ymvst.


second eargasm today

I like it.

About the Mastering / Mixing.

Take an Advice from Elton John:

If you think it sounds like it should, then its fine.

So happy that people seem to like it!

I think the mastering sounds really dull on it, so I am reading up on mastering techniques like how to use compression etc

This is awesome!

^ thanks a lot :D

Just a quick bump to say this song is up for free download from my last.fm page, if anyone would like it~ link !!

nice track man, full sound without the clutter. i would have used a different snaresample… probably it needs to be layered with one or two more snaredrums to make it really pop and hit. the topend is a bit dull and would benefit from a good mastering shine. if you’d like some help with that then send a snippet from the wav-file (or the whole track if you want) to give you an example what that can do for your track :) if your in then send me a pm and i will send you my e-mail.

very nice, 100% club ready stuff. related to mix quality all is fine there. may be a lil bit verb on drums and thats it.

Thanks for the great reply! I’ve been watching a lot of tutorials of layering drums, I hope my next song will have much tighter drums. The snare in this song wasn’t layered at all. Just 3x the Renoise 909 snare and a snare sampled from a Daft Punk song placed on top. Hardly any EQ and no compression haha. I’ve really learnt a lot from other producers since I uploaded this track. I am working on another track now, which is almost finished. If it has the same dull feeling to it, I’ll definitely get in contact :D

@atarix, thanks a lot! :) I wouldn’t say it’s club ready though!

i like the start :)

Complextro in renoise! At last!

Came here to say that I love this, hope to hear more in the future. ^^
Also, really like the vocal samples, did you make them yourself?

Hey thanks a lot! :D

Can’t believe how many comments my track got here, totally thrilled. I have another song that’s almost finished. Just working on the mixing and mastering now. I’m hoping that it’ll be much better than this track, especially in terms of production.

As for the vocal samples they are from this song:

There’s an accapella of the track, so I cut it up into glitchy vocal snippets and found some that were notes in the same key as this song :)