Here is my new sample base tracker in contrast with big and serious DAWs.
Minimalistic and fun!

nice chip-8bit-sequencer and a fast sketchpad.

Very fun!
I just run PixiLang 3.1b / PixiTracker 1.0 on Mac OS X 10.6.3.
Wow, Its look like more easier than SunVox for beat creating.
Also reminds me of Mario Paint.
If I’ve got the swing quantize (shuffle) function…

hey NightRadio

great little tracker !!

i’m gonna try running this on my iphone 4s later

ps 1, i just tried SunVox as well, nice! but is it possible to create a vibrato similar to renoise’s 0Vxx command (in 2.8 beta)? i only seem to find a pitch up/down combo in sunvox to work on the built-in generators to create a vibrato like effect, but that’s not the same as having rate and depth

ps 2, i hope you’ll join forces with the renoise project someday, your products would make a perfect suite bundled with renoise… ;)

First video, 0:10 - love those dancing pixels B)

i totally love the design and the visual mode. i wish i had a mobile device to run it on and play around with it, show it to people, etc. good job!

I can totally see additional sound banks being added as in-app purchases. Guess I will have to check this one out. :walkman:

Now available for Android too! (minimum - Android 2.3)

Update for Android users.
Now you can try the demo version of PixiTracker before you buy the full version:

Special version of the PixiTracker is released!
PixiTracker 1Bit - simple and fun tool for TRUE 1-BIT music experiments!
For iOS: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pixitracker-1bit/id548659499?mt=8
For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nightradio.pixitracker1bit

thats a great app NightRadio :)
could i ask what ide you use to develop it?