Piz Midiswing

Hey guys.

I got this question regarding the piz midiswing vst inside renoise.
Renoise recognizes the vst, does let me open it in renoise,
but makes no difference in the swing.
Does anyone have a idea how i can make it happen to swing a single track?
I am trying to assign it to a sampled hihat .

renoise doesn’t support midi sent from a vst.

check this out though:


if it’s a sample instrument, you can automatically apply note delay commands, and give stella back her groove.

Renoise does not yet respond to the MIDI output generated by these types of plug-ins.

(oootini beat me to it!)

If you only want to apply swing/groove to a single track instead of the entire song, then you have a few options…

You can use…

  • A Dx command in the volume column
  • A Dx command in the panning column
  • A 0Dxx command in the effect column
  • A value from 00 to FF in the delay column

In the volume, panning and delay columns, x = number of ticks to delay. The maximum value you can use here depends on the Ticks Per Line value in your Song Settings.

The delay column works independently of your Ticks Per Line setting and offers much higher resolution, so it’s best to use the delay column in my opinion.

More information here:
Pattern Effect Commands

A quick example pattern I made:

Thank you for your responses.
I’m a bit disappointed that renoise does not support this kind of midi.
The tricks mentioned are known by me, I thought I could my life simpler :D.
Well , maybe 2.7 will do the trick.

Just turn off quantize and swing away:)