Pizza Street Beats

Hey guys, i haven’t uploaded in a awhile, but I’ve finally made some more progress on the LP. With the fourth track.

So the theme of this song was basically an advert in the Midwest and specifically in my state, Missouri. I remember when this ad used to come on all the time when i was little, so i decided that to be the thing the song would be based around.

You can find it here:

There’s a show that, when i was little, used to watch on the local tv network Qubo, which has now been canceled, called Pecola, and i also wanted to use some elements from that, so you can find the theme song here: Pecola Intro - YouTube

If you want the renoise file, either for samples, remixing, anything like that, you can find it here: Pizza Street Beats

Here’s the stems also: My Files

As always, feedback is always welcome, whether it be mixing, compositional choices, or something else, feel free to speak what’s on your mind.

I’m not sure what I’ll do for the next song, but i think I’ll try to make something a little faster, thanks for reading and taking the time to listen and i hope you enjoy.


One of the longest tracker modules I have heard in awhile; would also like
to try to make a longer running module.

Listining to this I can easily drift-away to the ebbs’n’flows of the sounds.
Enoyed the parts around 3:55 and 7:20 the best!

Perhaps the mix recorded in the open outdoors, or busy setting.

Thanks alot for sharing!

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Thank you for taken the time to listen, glad you enjoyed it! I do agree with you though, that this is a pretty long module and song, i was actually planning on making it little longer, but decided to end it at an earlier part after i thought that what i had here was enough.

Also, apologies for not listing the plugins used before listing the xrni, i forgot with the original post.