Place The Tracker

Is that MT2? It’s from

Pretty sure I’ve seen snares posting on here though.

Actually I first heard of renoise over on the forum, where quite a few breakcore artists post from time to time :)

Looks like modplug to me.

that was me :P

Accept the Angelfire cookie in to your heart(drive) and you’re no longer considered a bandwidth stealer. But when you go to the site you can already see the image when you scroll down hard enough so there’s not much gained.

Gah… I even signed up and it still don’t show. Got no request for a cookie!

Somebody please help? :D

and I don’t mean angelfire-help, I mean host-the-image-help. :P

Here you go, I’ve stuck it on my photobucket account.

I did provide a link to the page the image came from, so you should of just been able to see it by going there and scolling down though :rolleyes:

Ahh, this be Modplug Tracker. :P

I saw the same “hosted by angelfire”-button on the bottom of that page, you see! Strange world… What’s the point of hosting stuff when people can’t see it?

Sure you wanna know? It’s advertizing.

I did also provide the link to the page. Surely you could of just clicked on that and it would of shown, no?

Nope, as I said… All I saw was the “hosted by Angelfire”-button under the glue-pic. Strange thing, I searched for that very picture on google image search, got the icon, tried to click for larger image and… Nope. Same stupid non-pushable button with no info on how-to-see-image. Dumb.

Hmm, maybe this is Firefox-related…?
Nop, IE has same button. Dumb.

Oh, and it MIGHT be Med. It’s definetly not Renoise, Skale, Psycle, Buzz or MadTracker2. And not likely to be Modplug Tracker either when I think of it.

Ok, this has gone on way too long already, but if you got the angelfire banner the first time for that URI, that’s what went to your browser cache. When you entered the page you should have seen the actual image but the browser loaded the old one from the cache.

In other words, what you SHOULD have said (or I SHOULD have understood) was:

“Click the link and press F5 to refresh the image so it loads correctly”

And we’d all be happy everafter, waha…


NOW we know!!!


Well that clears that up :D