Place To Upload Long Video (70Mins)


I’m in the rpm2010 challenge. Today I decided to record the session, inspired by the video (can’t find it right now) from one of the participants in the “one hour tracking” combo.

I’m uploading to youtube as we speak, but I just noticed it says the video should be less than 10 mins, and mine is about 70 mins.

Any suggestions where to put such a video, should be free and with good video quality. I also have a virb account, but I’m converting to mpeg since virb doesn’t accept ogv, maybe that’s the way to go. Still interested in what you guys think and use, though…

Use the trick everybody is using since the beginning of youtube, split the files in 7 different videoes. maybe?

Good suggestion, why hadn’t I thought of that. Thanks.’

BTW: Virb is encoding the thing just now, I peeked and it looks ok in fullscreen.

Beatslaughter, would you personally prefer to get if from or watch it on virb?

Depends on the video… for single time watching a stream is fine, if it runs without hitching, and for more views i’d download it.

nice, i’m looking forward to that then!

on vimeo you can upload any length ,but are limited to 500 MB per week.

it’s a nice site too.