Plaidzap Xrni Gift

Hi! Ages ago, Plaid made a nice available on their website.

Well, grabbed it back then and just got permission from Ed@Plaid to re-post them as a XRNI kit!

Plaidzap XRNI (C4-C9)
Plaidzap on LoopProject

Ed@Plaid: “I think they all come from a 101, feel free to make an XRNI, the Renoise update looks really interesting.”

Enjoy :)

Superb :)

wow, seems that since PureMagnetic added their XRNI’s to the 2.7 release, people are hunting for more! thanks loads man, sounds cool.

Thank you (and Plaid) very much! :walkman:

it should be good to upload these new XRNI’s to LoopProject for future memories…

Okay then Plaidzap on LoopProject

Don’t suppose there is any way to list all LoopProject .xrni by uploaded date? Haven’t gone through and updated my collection from there for quite some time…