Plans For 64-Bit Version Of Renoise?

For the programmers of Renoise: Are there plans for a 64-bit version of Renoise?

Of course this prg should also be able to handle 32-bit virtual instruments.

Please look at General Discussion - Memory Problems


+1 for renoise x64

if you search on the forum you will find many requests for this by people who didn’t search before asking :rolleyes:

we are aware of the (increasing) importance of a 64-bit version and will try to release a 64-bit version as soon as possible. This is unfortunately not as trivial as it may seem from a non-programmer point of view

^ actual size! however:

Haha. But i’m sure you’re aware that 64-bit processing does increase the performance of audio applications:

I for one can’t believe how I ever got along with less than 4GB of RAM. In response to the question “why would anyone need more than 4GB of RAM?”, my answer is “because it makes everything really, really fast”

But for now (if anyone doesn’t already know) in a 64-bit OS, the current (32-bit) version of Renoise can use up to 4GB of RAM to itself! That’s a lot of samples…