Plans for Renoise?

Hi there… really love Renoise… bought a licence in 2011 and it’s the best money i’ve ever spent.

Can we expect some updates in the future besides to only bugfix updates?

Would really like to know what to expect.

Thanks, and keep up the good work Renoise dev team!

Greetz, Rob from the Netherlands



Would love a Renoise roadmap (if there isn’t one already).

Would love even more if it was open sourced :see_no_evil:

Edit: Check developer replies below. Some interesting points.


Ooh, me three… :compass::world_map:

Would be great to know if there is an ambition or intention on the part of the developers to integrate any new features or if renoise is basically just wysiwyg at this point

It’s certainly an interesting fantasy to dream of different flavors of renoise if it ever were to become open source… Many very talented programmers in this community!


Definitely would like to know as well

I’d be okay with that. As long as bugs keep getting squashed. And it gets support to accommodate future operating systems, hardware, VST4, CLAP or whatever comes next.

Companies like Ableton and Bitwig have a strong financial incentive to keep developing. From the outside Renoise looks more like a thing the developers do on the side. Occasionally. When they feel like it. Rather than being their main source of income. Of course I don’t know that for sure, but that’s what it looks like to me.


I agree I’ve found many work arounds for plenty of daws in the past and even as is I love Renoise over everything. But if I had the money, and the developers were willing, I would buy Renoise and make it open source….A guy can dream can’t he :sweat_smile:


Maybe the developers are so anti-pianoroll that no amount of money could turn Renoise open source. just kidding. Sorry, I didn’t mean to poke that hornet’s nest.

It does make me wonder. What would something like Renoise be worth if you want buy it as a company?

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It is definitely speculation, but it does feel that way. If someone asked me for a suggestion for a new DAW of any kind (traditional, tracker, etc), Renoise wouldn’t be one I would recommend for this same reason because I would feel bad setting them up with the disappointment and feeling that comes from spending money on something that “feels” abandoned.

While a shared road map would be cool, I personally don’t even need that. A occasional check-in with customers (who are like investors in a way) with a simple, “we are alive and we have things in the works” would be sufficient.

I understand that there is no need to share road map. You know how people are: they see something on the list, they immediately hold a company accountable for it, and if it doesn’t show up in future version, then bitching, moaning, and entitlement starts.


Indeed, you just have to read about the motivations why Renoise was created. It was created because @taktik hates piano rolls and there wasn’t a DAW that fits his needs. Check the following interview:


In a hypothetical pizza restaurant, if I don’t like Hawaiian pizza, but it can bring me more customers and make me more money, and it is not really violating my values and disrupting my existence in this world (which isn’t, come on now), then I would add it to the menu.


I get where you’re coming from. To me it feels completed rather than abandoned. Which essentially is looking at the same thing but under a different light. So I have no qualms about suggesting to new users. Not in the least because we did eventually get VST3 support.


I see that, in which case a simple, “we have reached a peak, we will continue to support and provide bug fixes until we come up with new ideas to justify a new version” would be great. Basically, for me, it’s not an issue of what Renoise has and doesn’t have, but a communication issue that makes it “feel abandoned” to me.

While Renoise may or may not have reached a peak as far as new features the devs are concerned with, I am willing to bet that there is a long list of enhancements to its core functionalities that could be made and could warrant a number minor versions of the software. Like, why are phrases so powerful and yet limited (no automation of effects, only 1 note FX column? People cry to the heavens for MIDI out in Redux, but more consistent with what already exists, why can’t Redux use tools?!


Dev(s) take bug reports seriously, which is a very good thing. Given the history of updates (last 5-10 years?) I think we have to settle for getting new features whenever dev(s) time and motivation allows it. It’s obviously not a prioritized business for maximum profit. That’s my impression.

I would just hope and assume that dev(s) feel pretty bugged themselves about something like parallel processing not being available :wink:


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I think the open source suggestion is great because if the dev team don’t have the financial means (and that’s understandable) I’m sure the community around Renoise would take good care of it. I personally don’t think this is a matter of financial struggle preventing the software to be developed but a matter of the dev team simply deciding that this is good enough and they don’t want to further update their app, which is honestly pretty sad.


@taktik or @dblue or @Achenar

Anyone care to weigh in on this topic?


I’m not a piano roll guy anymore I swear :sob::sob::sob:

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I’m quite sure I read a statement from the developer(s) somewhere (maybe after purchasing a licence or first posting on the forum…?) that this is literally the case. I’m sure it basically said that Renoise development is a lot slower than other DAWs because it is a labour of love rather than a primary source of income for the devs, who have other jobs and revenue streams outwith the Renoise world.

In any case it never bothered me personally because Renoise is very complete and stable and amazing value.