Plasmaniac - Nightly Reflux

Aciiiiiiiiid! :badteethslayer: Back to the 90ies with this one…

(I recommend downloading, the hihats got pretty f-ed up by the sc compression. and my bad mixing skills… :smashed:)
Feedback much appreciated…

Very good techno tune :) At 2 min it would be nice to put nice string pad with litte cutoff. I just hear it in my mind :P

Pure Tesox style acid, nice!! Would consider raising the BPM a little bit, but it really flows nice as it is…
And Simonus, hearing imaginary sounds in your mind is a well-known side effect from acid …

Nice. What do you use for the 303?

Thanks for your comments so far! I’m flattered… :blush:

…and maybe some vocal, something like a short “uuhhm”? ;)

It’s a VSTI called Phoscyon, you’ll find it here

Hehe maybe side effect of acid :P who knows :P Here is what i had in my mind :P Nice track to jam with. So its about its around 2:30 its just pad, and random moog with glide on full, just a little idea sketch to your track.

I agree with Simonus, but a very nice track, great fat sound. :)

Ah, ok, now i see what you mean! Nice idea. This could be the base for a remix/edit.

I thought that you we’re thinking :wacko: of this all-time classic:

…specifically about that high string starting around 2:20. Maybe that is what I was hearing in my mind… ;)
and that’s why i came up with that “uhhm!” (@4:38) btw. :lol: