Platimatic Remix

Have not posted here for a while, but since one of my remixes went public recently, which was done in Renoise, I thought I should do a little self-promotion and write some lines about it:…latimatic-remix

This summer I spent probably about a month on remixing a very commercial song, which is a style that is very unlike of what I normally work with, so it was superhard and quite challening to find my take on remixing it. It was mostly done in Renoise, but I created the vocoded parts using Ableton Live.

If you’d like to compare with the original, there are iTunes and Spotify-links to the releases on my Soundcloud-page. (There’s also another Renoise-based remix on the single made by Tunepunk, who also hangs around here occasionally and who I’ve learned to know personally).

Anyway, enough blabbing. I’m really not that great at promoting myself, so I’ll just hope you enjoy the beats. =)

Gratz for 666 post you should make some Hellhouse :)

Ok about mix light electrohouse nice to listen not so aggressive, like that style.

Congrats on getting released!

Wooow, very nice!! That sounds very professional :w00t:

And so warm…

Thanks everyone. Yeah, also noticed the 666 count. :)