Play 2 Songs on Renoise at the same time (for Live-Act)

For live acts i want to play two renoise songs at the same time on one laptop and use a two-channel soundcard so that i can do the mixing between the songs on the mixer of the soundsystem.

Is this possible? How?

I did not find the possibility in renoise to open 2 songs at the same time.

So i just started renoise 2 times and then i have two instances of renoise running and can load in each instance a different song.

Is this a stable way with 2 instances of renoise running or is it likely that problems occur?

Anyway – so far i did find no possibility to tell renoise or the soundcard that the one channel must use the one instance of renoise and the other channel uses the other instance. Both instances of renoise just use the same channel and the other stays un-used. Is there a way to change that – tell renoise which channel of the soundcard to use? How?

Any other ideas?

Thanks a lot.

I have no personal experience, but I’ve seen the vids of people mixing multiple renoise instances.

First you should go to the preferences/audio, and make sure that renoise is using the output channels that you wish to use.

Then in the mixer at the very bottom of each track should be a dropdown menu where you can select output channels of your soundcard. If it is missing, to the lower right corner of the mixer frame is a button with an arrow “·->”, activate it to bring the channel selectors back…

Hey, thanks a lot!
That solved it.
I did not find the Channel-Choice on the Mixer before.
Very nice.
Still wondering if it’s stable to have 2 renoise-instances running.
Just discovered that this 2-instances-solution seems not to work for mac’s as i can not open a 2nd instance of renoise anyway there.
Would be cool if renoise would allow to open 2 songs in the same instance and offer a splitted 2-decks-view with one project on the left and one on the right for live acts…

If you need some inspiration, @Jules_Lavern (aka Hitori Tori) is pretty much the ninja master of multi-Renoise performances…

He juggles 2 or 3 instances of Renoise like it’s nothing… absolute mad man :slight_smile:

On Mac you will need to make a second copy of the Renoise app itself, and then launch each one independently.

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this is perfect. i will do it like that - looking forward to next live-act. thanks a lot for helping.

Another way to open another instance of Renoise on Mac is to use the Terminal app with the following command:

open -n /Applications/

The magic here is “open -n”, which tells the operating system to open a new instance of the application. Change the “/Applications/” as needed to point to the Renoise application. No need to make a duplicate of the app!

I used 2 instances of Renoise for a live performance and it was stable for me. As long as you have enough RAM and processor throughput (depends on how big/demanding your songs are), you should be fine.

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