Play current line

What’s the keyboard shortcut for playing just the line under the cursor (either current or all channels), in other words, what are the Renoise equivalents for the Impulse Tracker commands 4 and 8?
I found in the helpfile that pressing Enter should do this, but it doesn’t do anything at all :unsure:


Some shortcuts involving enter have been reported missing :) in 1.26.
Try reassigning the key (config -> keyboard)

Thanks, but that still leaves the question what’s the Renoise equivalent of the Impulse Tracker command ‘4’, which is ‘play note under cursor’.

By default it’s “Return” as it already was in good old protracker :)

Sorry, I think I’m not making myself clear here :)

What I mean is, you can play the entire line (all channels) with Return.

But, but how can you play just the note in the channel the cursor is on? Would it require me to solo the channel and then press Return, or is there a shortcut for it? If not, I think I make it a feature request :D

Thanks for your help.

I’ve never used this command so I can’t say if there was a shortcut assigned by default before version 1.261

Anyway, I’ve found “play current line” under Config=>Keyb/Mouse=>Global and I’ve assigned it to the Return resulting in no conflicts.

It plays the entire line.

Upquark :
I will add this for the next release …