Play Mode: OFF Or ON?

Based on this thread I think there’s valuable statistical information that could be gathered to see if Play Mode should be OFF or ON by default.


I voted for ‘ON’… when I saw Renoise for the first time I was confused with this feature… (anyway it can be useful while working in higher resolutions… but usually I have Rns in window mode and play mode turned ‘ON’)

there was a thread on another message board in the last few days, addressing this exact same problem. a lot of people were getting frustrated because they never found the playmode button straight away.

i vote for playmode ON

I almost never have it on (only if I record stuff live from my keyboard), but I agree that the n00bs might need this, so give it to them.

On. For sure. Having it off means no live entry and options like “record note delays” become useless. It’s also confusing to people who have used other trackers–most trackers don’t give you the option to have that off. It sure threw me for a loop when I first used Renoise. I say on for sure.