Play More Intruments With 1 Midi Input?

Hi there!

Is there a way to play 2 or more intruments with only 1 MIDI input?
Lets say if i press C-4 on my MIDI piano, it will play c4 of intrument number 00 and instrument nuber 01?

It would be nice to know, i havent found it out yet.


thank you very much!!!

there shoud be a Group selector/creator/editor in wich i can chose with instruments are being played if i hit my piano. group A plays instruments x-y and group b plays intr a-c.
This way i have much work assigning 5 instruments to the piano after i have already assigned 5 others.

PS: rns2.7 includes very important features!

You mean like settings up a split keyboard (keyboard zones) to different (groups of) Instruments?

I was just about to suggest this in the Ideas/sugestions forum.

is it possible to trigger multiple instruments from the computer keyboard, or do you have to use an external MIDI keyboard? I tried to set this up today and couldn’t get it working…

Think I read in another thread that the computer keyboard can not be assigned like MIDI input and always controls the currently selected instrument, as it has always done.