Play Note On Cursor

On Impulse Tracker you could press “8” and the note under the cursor was played. On Renoise the closest I found was “Enter” to play the whole row, but not just the current note.
I find this basic, how do you guys do it?

as far as I know, there is no way to play a single note at cursor with a single keystroke

I solo the track then use enter.

But that is acctually one feature I havn’t thought of that could
be really nice to have

and use ctrl+\ to solo a track…
its quite fast actually.

unless your track has more than one column and you want to listen to a single note of a chord.

In Impulse Tracker you could only have a note for each track, that’s why it was “basic” in those days :)

Haha, yes. I meant “basic” as in a “basic need.” I’ll recommend this feature. I have a bad ear and I really need that. :wink: