Play note under cursor

A key for this would be immensely useful. I can get away with soloing out the track and using “play current line” - if there’s only one note column in the track.

(just another one of those little things i can’t believe is missing :panic: )

…ok, that was kind of mean. But true.

  • i’m not in a good mood right now :confused:

Maybe you can pose a request in the tools forum?

Sounds like something that can be scripted underneath a self assignable keyboard shortcut.

I don’t think it’s possible to script this. Especially seeing that “Play current line and advance cursor by edit-step value” kind of half-works even with really hacky ways of doing it…

It’s definitely scriptable. The thing/problem that makes it annoying is, how long do you want the note then to be held in sustain?

anyway delt could you tell me what you mean by ?

Including the column effects applied?

Until it fades out, or i press stop. Just like “play current line” but only the note under the cursor, not all tracks.

Just what it says: same as “play current line” except instead of advancing the cursor by 1, advance it by the “editstep” value.

There is no scripting API function to execute “play current line”, so the “best/only” way to do it, as far as i’ve seen, involves setting up a timer for a fixed amount of sustain time, placing the playback marker at the current line, triggering playback, waiting for the timer to time out, then stopping playback… a big, ugly mess.

I figure for scripting something like this (play note under cursor) the same would apply except for soloing the current track before triggering playback - which would also play notes on the same line in the same track. This would be kind of annoying in some cases.

And it would be an even bigger, uglier mess.